Name : James Platt

Age : 32

James Platt is a powerful South African rider is a regular on a lot of club events so chances are many of you will have ridden with him. But do you know how many dental fillings he's lost from racing this year :Or that he's lost more than that, he's shed 30kg :Read on...

What made you start cycling : I used to cycle a lot growing up in South Africa it was the only way to get around. Stopped cycling at about 16 and got back into it around 18 months ago after getting bored with the gym and piling on the weight (dropped 30kg in the process), have since rediscovered the joy of youth (getting home dirty and after curfew).

Why did you join Kingston Wheelers : I used to see everyone massed at the club run start on a Sunday morning and thought it looked like fun. I took the plunge and discovered it wasn't as scary as it looked.

Date you joined the Club : October 2006

What bike do you ride : Ridley Excalibur, Dura-Ace equipped now RIP. Now I have a Bianchi Alu Lite for winter and Cannondale CAAD9 for racing (I've lost three fillings racing already).

What was your best performance or favourite ride : Staying upright in my first few races at Hillingdon and finishing in the bunch. Getting gold standards in the few sportives that I didn't have mechanicals in.

What was your worst day on the bike : Going up the short incline on Hungry Hill lane my derailleur decided to get sucked into the rear wheel and explode into a hundred pieces. The taxi driver got lost on the way home and took two hours to get back to Twickenham - a long and expensive ride home.

Who is your favourite pro or inspiration : It has to be Jens Voigt for his no-nonsense approach to racing and his breakaway exploits. Given a chance he can go for the win as well.

What is your favourite cycling food : High-Five gels and Cliff bars.

Where is your favourite cycling location : South Africa, can’t beat the weather. The Alps is a close second.

Most likely to say : "I forgot to bring money for the cake stop."

Least likely to say : "I'm taking it easy because today's a recovery ride."