Steve Wright

Name : Steve Wright

Age : 58

Steve Wright has got more bikes than you and knows a thing or two about coaching too.

Date you joined the Club : December 2009

Why did you join Kingston Wheelers : Its reputation as a serious but friendly club. Always made most welcome at the Club 10 whenever I brought one of my riders along to compete, everyone says hello

What made you start cycling : For as long as I can remember I have always had a bike. It was my main means of transport when I was younger, and when I stopped swimming it was a natural progression as my next sport.

What bike do you ride : : I have several bikes, but my favourite is a frame I part built with Cliff Shrubb. It is made from Colombus Ultrafoco main tubes with a Muscle carbon fork and a Muscle carbon rear end. Campagnolo Record of course, with Planet X 50 carbon wheels running on Continental tubulars. My second favourite is my De Rosa King, one of the first in the country at the time, again Record throughout, and Mavic SSC SL wheels. I also have 4 Pinarellos, to name but a few.

Give us a brief cycling background : When I retired from swimming (a long long time ago) I was encouraged by Tony Mills (neighbour, ex-pro, and original owner of Cycles Dauphin) to try some time trials. Found out that I was not very good at it, so tried some road racing. Yes, you guessed it, wasn’t very good at that either. Really enjoyed the sport though, and as they say, ”those that can’t do, teach”. Started as a swimming coach, but soon moved to cycling, and have been coaching ever since. Was coach to Louise Mahe, who was National Junior Road Race Champion in 2006, and I was one of the first to coach Joanna Rowsell, loaning her a race bike when she first started. I also work with a Ladies Race Team called Squadra Donne, one of the top Ladies teams in the country. I am the DS, coach, car driver, mechanic, masseur, and general dogsbody. When I am not doing that I work for Sutton Council where I am the Chief Cycling Officer. I have a fully equipped cycle workshop at my home, and just love building quality race bikes.

What was your best performance or ride : Any race that I finished! My favourite ride is along the coast from Santa Barbara to Goleta in California. Mostly traffic free, with bikini-clad rollerbladers, ocean view nearly all the way, and a great coffee bar when you get there.

What was your worst day on the bike : Riding my bike as part of Sutton Council's entry in the New Years Day Parade in London a couple of years ago. Punctured on the way there, it was really cold and I was riding tubs! Managed to puncture again half way round the parade and had to finish on a flat tyre. Last spare tub fitted, it rained all the way home, freezing temperatures, and all done with a severe hangover.

Who is your favourite pro or inspiration : Always liked watching Gianni Bugno, he just looked like he belonged on a bike, but my favourite has to be Sean Yates. Just a complete animal on a bike (and he taught Lance all he knows).

What is your favourite bike food : On the bike it's marmalade sandwiches, but afterwards my recovery food is a bacon sandwich with Daddies brown sauce.

Where is your favourite cycling location : Santa Barbara, California

Most likely to say : "If it doesn’t say ‘Made in Italy’ don’t buy it.".

Least likely to say : "Buy Shimano, its good equipment."