Thom Westran

Name : Thom Westran

Age : 27

What made you start cycling : As far back as I can remember, I've always cycled.

Why did you join Kingston Wheelers : I used to row at Kingston Rowing Club but the commitment (eight training session a week) got a bit much and I wasn't really getting anywhere. After three years, I decided to switch my efforts to cycling and joined the nearest cycling club.

Date you joined the Club : Late 2005, but I'd been going on regular club runs for the previous 6 months.

What bike do you ride : I've ridden a Bianchi SL3 veloce for the last 2.5 years and done 9,000 miles on it. Recently I switched all the components onto a Ribble 7005 winter/audax frame and I plan to buy a nice new race bike next spring.

Give us a brief cycling background : Apart for two 12 month periods when I first went to University and first moved down to London, I've always had a bike and I've always cycled. However, it's only in the last couple of years that I've started cycling long distances, and doing races and cyclosportifs.

What was your best performance or favourite ride : Cycling over the Col du Telegraphe and Col du Galibier during a cycling holiday this year. I was too tight to spend money on my gearing so I went over with a 53/39 and 13/25 cassette. I suffered a bit going up the Alpes D'Huez later on though with no small gears to spin. It took me a full hour.

What was your worst day on the bike : Probably getting really bad cramp whilst doing the Dragon ride this year. I was trying to ignore it but whilst going up a short climb out the saddle, both my legs locked causing me to stop very suddenly. Luckily there was no-one behind me and I managed to unclip without falling off. I had to push the back of each knee so my legs would bend and I could sit on the verge for a few minutes!

Who is your favourite pro or inspiration : I don't really have any. However I do tend to keep an eye on Magnus Backstedt, the Bianchi-Liquigas rider based in Wales.I've even bought some of his Magnus Maximus - Coffee for Champions.

What is your favourite race food : It changes all the time. At the moment, a steady stream of Liqourice Allsorts seems to be working quite well.

Where is your favourite cycling location : Anywhere with good quality roads and low traffic.

Most likely to say : "I'm planning on getting up really early tomorrow to go cycling."

Least likely to say : "I got up really early today and went cycling."