Will Horrocks

Name : Will Horrocks

Age : 14

Will Horrocks is yet another with a rowing background, there's a difference as Will is 14. But he's racked up 100 mile rides and will be racing soon too.

What made you start cycling : Used to cycle to school occasionally on a hybrid but around the time of the Tour de France last year I was interested in learning more about road cycling and had a go on my dad's 20 year old road bike and quite liked it, it sought of snowballed from there.

Why did you join Kingston Wheelers : I was really interested in joining a good cycling club to get going and Kingston Wheelers stood out from the rest.

Date you joined the Club : Some time in early January 2008.

What bike do you ride : A Python RX2, not many people have heard of them but it's my first road bike and it does everything it needs to.

Give us a brief cycling background : Used to cycle to school on a hybrid then moved up to road bikes and now I commute every day. I have done mainly done club runs but have tried my hand at a 100 miler sportive and hope to start racing soon.

What was your best performance or ride : Possibly this was also one of my worst days on a bike, completing the Circuit of the Cotswolds on the 22 of June was a fantastic feeling but I also felt a lot of pain at the time. I hope to have some good racing results soon as well once time allows.

What was your worst day on the bike : Either training on Easter Monday this year where it was freezing and I was not sufficiently clothed, it was snowing/raining/hailing/sleeting all day in a ferocious wind and it was the first time that I broke the 60 mile barrier, ended up packing it in when we got to Dorking and decided to get a train back to civilisation. It could also be the pain I felt during the Circuit of the Cotswolds, also on a ferociously windy day the distance really got to me and the climbs are not worth going into detail.

Who is your favourite pro or inspiration : As a newbie I am fantastically impressed with Mark Cavendish and what he has acheived in such a small space of time.

What is your favourite bike food : Jelly Belly Sports Beans or good old flapjack.

Where is your favourite cycling location : Only the Surrey lanes at the moment but on the day the Cotswolds was a stunning place to be.

Most likely to say : "On my day off I'm going to get in a few really good laps of Richmond Park today".

Least likely to say : "I really enjoyed my five laps of Richmond Park today".