Adam Burges

Name:Adam Burges


Adam Burges is track regular he can also be found in the Surrey Hills with fellow club members.

Why did you join Kingston Wheelers : I'd moved back to the family home in Esher to save and brought a road bike (first mistake!) - I wanted nice people to ride with and to learn some routes in the Surrey Hills. Joining the Wheelers fulfilled that perfectly.

Date you joined the Club : Summer 2011

What made you start cycling : My Mum is a Cycle Proficiency instructor - I started early and have always owned bikes. I got my first road bike after doing the Dunwich Dynamo on a single speed - I promised myself I'd go back the following year on a road bike and with some miles in my legs.

What bike do you ride : I like Condors! I have a Condor Lavoro for the track and a Condor Squadra for the road which I'm about to rebuild on to a Condor Fratello frame. Over time I've come to appreciate what type of riding I actually do, I don't need an outright race bike on the road, I need a bike that can handle winter training, long days in the saddle and a bit of light touring. Plus I love the feel of steel bikes so I'm really looking forward to getting this one built up. I've also got a Condor Pista which was my track bike and is now my commuter.

Give us a brief cycling background : Age 3 - first trike, age 30 - Track League regular at Herne Hill. In between I've ridden BMXs, mountain bikes, single speeds and fixed gear bikes.

What was your best performance or ride : I'm going pretty well in the Track League at Herne Hill this season - I've been picking up top 6 finishes and points most weeks. The Keirin Festival at Herne Hill last summer was one of my most enjoyable days on a track bike. And any of the Saturday rides I used to do when I first joined (with Keith, Mark, Paul, Matt, Andy, Emily, Romana and co) finishing in the Druids - they were great.

What was your worst day on the bike : Maybe the first year I did Dunwich Dynamo - 100 miles through the night on a single speed having never done a long ride before - I really didn't know what I'd let myself in for. By about 4 in the morning I was in a bad way, there's no turning back though!

Any favourite pro or inspiration : Laura Trott and Ed Clancy are both brilliant riders. Trotty is just amazing on the track - we watched her at Revolution at the London Velodrome earlier this year where she won every event of the Omnium plus she's a National Champion on the road! I've always enjoyed watching Ed Clancy and I got to ride with him a few months before the 2012 Olympics which was really cool.

What is your favourite cycling food : Malt loaf - and my Mum's flapjacks if I'm lucky.

Where is your favourite cycling location : It's got to be Herne Hill Velodrome, it's where I do most of my riding. Having the floodlights installed last year made a big difference - now we ride throughout the year. It's a great place to get into racing - I'd love to see more Wheelers up there. For road riding, you can't really beat a sunny day in the Surrey Hills can you.

Most likely to say : "I had the legs but..." or "what gear are you riding?"

Least likely to say : "I'm feeling strong today I might try and take a lap"