Andrew Bye

Name : Andrew Bye

Age : 25

Andrew Bye is about to embark on the Cycles Dauphin Army CU 3 Day 2006 race where he'll be racing over the August Bank Holiday weekend. Having tried swimming, triathlon and rowing, he's only really been into cycling since February 2006... Following two stellar seasons with the club, Andy has now joined Team Sigma Sport in order to compete in the national Premier Calendar series. He remains a member of the Kingston Wheelers too. Following his first season with them, he sat down to give an interview about his racing. Click here to read more.

Date you joined the Club : May 2006.

Why did you join Kingston Wheelers? I wanted to join a friendly club to train and race with. Met Alan Sherman at a race earlier this year at Chertsey and got chatting. Kingston Wheelers sounded ideal, and since joining everyone I've met is equally friendly and helpful.

What made you start cycling : It was quicker to get from A to B than using public transport or walking.

Give us a brief cycling background : I swam for a local club between the ages of 9-16, and cycled only as a means transport. I bought a Trek 1000 in the summer 2000 so I could start competing in triathlons. Trained and raced triathlon until January 2005 when an Achilles tendon and a shoulder problem I had wouldn't go away so decided to have a couple of weeks complete rest,. This quickly turned into 9 months of lazing around eating too much. I started training again in October 3 stone heavier and with a different sport of rowing. Stuck with rowing until February this year, but disliked the early mornings, (and being useless at it) so decided to take up cycling.

What bike do you ride : Race and train on my Sigma Olympia bought in 2001, with 9 speed Dura-Ace groupset, with a recent addition of some Mavic Kysrium wheels to race on. I also have a Rock Lobster XTR mountain bike I bought in 2004. However due to my inability to drive to any good mountain biking trails I haven't used it very often. A Bianchi TT bike I built up this year using parts from Ebay, and my newest bike, a single speed Specialized Langster which I use for getting around the town on.

What was your best performance : The performance on the road I'm most pleased with is my recent one at one of the South East Series races where I placed 10th. Whilst I have placed higher in other races this year it was my longest road race to date (85 miles over a reasonably hilly course) and managed to feel pretty strong throughout, cycling for most of the race in a small break away group. Unfortunately the winners had got away from an earlier break. But hopefully with a bit more racing experience and stronger legs I'll be able to improve on this in future races.

What was your worst day on the bike : Racing my first half Ironman triathlon in my first season of triathlon, had an ok but very cold swim in a Welsh lake and found myself cycling alongside quite a few of the pro athletes. Half way through the 56 mile bike was a long climb. Got to the top, and started descending when the spare inner tube I had tied behind my saddle came loose and decided to entangle itself in the cassette. Despite locking my wheel up I managed to stay upright. However it took me about 10 minutes to free the entangled inner tube, by which time I was absolutely frozen, and couldn't get warm again. I spent the next two and a half hours losing places cycling and running at snails pace, feeling numb from the cold and lack of energy, I couldn't walk normally for about a month afterwards.

Who is your favourite pro or inspiration : Anyone who isn't afraid to attack, I have memories of watching successive tours years ago with Richard Virenque doing just that. For the past couple of years have enjoyed watching Jens Voigt getting involved in breaks or doing work on the front of the peleton day after day. I also admire Lance Armstrong for his focus to win, and Jan Ullrich because I always wanted him to win.

What is your favourite race food : Bananas to eat, and SIS Go and water to drink.

Where is your favourite cycling location : Enjoyed a couple of cycling holidays I've been on previously in Spain, around Alicante and Granada. For daily training I enjoy cycling round Richmond Park, and when I have a bit more time going out to the Surrey lanes.

Most likely to say : "I'm trying to lose weight."

Least likely to say : "No pudding for me, I'm trying to lose weight."