Ben Cousins

Name : Ben Cousins

Age : 31

Ben Cousins joined the club earlier this year and within a few months has started racing with success. He's just done some of the legendary Alpine roads but says his favourite place for cycling is near Box Hill.

What made you start cycling : I was quite a keen cyclist as a lad. It must have been the combination of Channel 4’s coverage of the Tour de France and my dad giving me his Raleigh. I rediscovered cycling again more recently through commuting.

Why did you join Kingston Wheelers : I kept getting overtaken by riders in Wheelers kit in Richmond Park.

Date you joined the Club : April 2005

What bike do you ride : Following a trip to Cyclefit I've been told not to ride my race bike! So, until I get a new ride next year, I'm on my steel winter bike. The frame for it cost £30. It's not glamorous.

Give us a brief cycling background : There was a period aged about 14 when I considered joining a club back in the West Country, but I’ve only really started cycling seriously in the last couple of years, with 2005 being my first racing season.

What was your best performance : I’ve been happy with the whole of this season so far – moving up from fouth to third category in six races.

What was your worst day on the bike : Richmond Park, last November. I slid off on some oil at one of the mini-roundabouts, not realising I’d broken my wrist. I carried on and promptly fell off at the next roundabout, landing on my broken wrist again. At that point, I decided to go home.

Who is your favourite pro or inspiration : For some reason it’s the slightly tragic ones. Simpson, Obree, Pantani.

What is your favourite race food : Before a race, I usually hock myself up on Sprite laced with PSP 22 and a big packet of M&S flapjacks. There are two main objectives in the race - winning, and keeping the food down.

Where is your favourite cycling location : That fast slightly downhill bit going into Epsom from the direction of Box Hill.

Most likely to say : "Can we go up some hills : "

Least likely to say : "What I fancy is a nice windy time trial"