Bethany Hedger

Name : Bethany Hedger

Age : 28

Bethany Hedger has already ridden London-Paris and is set for more and like many of us, has a serious case of the cycling bug.

Why did you join Kingston Wheelers : Researched a few clubs - liked the atmosphere, welcoming of new folk and your friendly approach.

What made you start cycling : As a child I suffered from dislocated hips, my doctors advised me to only do low impact sports. As I loved to keep fit and train regulary cycling seemed the best option all those years ago. Now I couldn't be happier on my bike for a morning/afternoon ride. Love the freedom and the stamina building. I'd prefer to be on my bike anytime, any where.

Date you joined the Club : March 2009

What bike do you ride : Pinarello FP3

Give us a brief cycling background : Started on a mountain bike - then a road bike - I've now found my passion and love it. Not a lot of credited cycle rides to date... watch this space. London to Paris more recently, I enjoy taking part in sportives. My next one will be from Donnington 100 mile. Though do around 100-150 Miles a week at the moment for general fitness fun!

What was your best performance : 90 miles in 6.5hours. It hurt! Slept like a log!

What was your worst day on the bike : My worst day, I'd say moments more so, when the lactic acid is rife in your legs and trying to get going in the morning is sooo tough and your legs feel like a tonne each. Hate that!

Who is your favourite pro or inspiration : The Olympic ladies....

What is your favourite bike food : Did someone say food! Love eating, before i head out porridge, while one route cereal bars, Jaffa Cakes - yes please.

Where is your favourite cycling location : Anywhere that's beautiful, clean aired, great views or surrounding.

Most likely to say : "More more... and more hills...."

Least likely to say : "No more... I have to stop!!"