Chris Salt

Name : Chris Salt

Age : 23

Chris has raced a lot, winning both races and leaders jerseys in 2005. That shouldn't be a surprise, since he's been tested in the lab and has a better V02 max than Lance Armstrong.

What made you start cycling : My dad has always been into cycling so I started pottering round the lanes on a Sunday with him when I was about 10. Dida bit of racing as a juvenile, but hung up the wheels to pursue a life of debauchery whilst doing my A-levels. I dusted my dad’s old bike off about 18months ago and haven’t looked back since!

Why did you join Kingston Wheelers : I met a few of the Wheeler’s in Richmond Park and then went on a club run the following Sunday. Everyone was really friendly and waited for me on the hills (might be hard to believe now, but 12 months ago I was the one at the back. Just shows what a bit of training can do!).

Date you joined the Club : I eventually paid my subs in August 2004after racing for the club for about 4 months!

Who is your favourite pro or inspiration :: Don’t really have any to be honest!

What bike do you ride : Started racing on a 1992 steel Peugeot, but after working part time at Evans for a while I got a tasty discount on a ScottCR1 full carbon frame with 10 speed Ultegra. This bike is the business – best I have ever ridden (and working at Evans I get to ride them all)! It is unbelievably light and stiff, an awesome climbing bike. If you see me racing,chances are I will be on a pair of mavic cosmic carbones, generously lent to meby Geoff Lulham, manager of Evans Fulham.

Give us a brief cycling background : Used to race mainly on the track when I was younger and was East Midlands track champion. Got asked to ride for a 4 man team representing the West Midlands, but never really got going as I had to concentrate on my A-levels.
Started cycling again in February 2004 and won my first race for the club in July of that year to move up to 3rdCat. My form has always been pretty up and down because of Uni commitments, but I have done a couple of stage races this year and got a few decent results.

What was your best performance : This is a tough one! Had a couple of wins which is always nice, but I probably get more satisfaction from having a go with the big boys and getting dropped. I spent a couple of laps off the front of the bunch at Goodwood with Yanto Barker not long before he won the opening stage of the Revolutions 5 day. Needless to say I was soon off the back of that one….! Also went off the front with Sean Yates at Hillingdon – it was like sitting behind a motorbike. We were hitting 65kmh and I couldn’t hold his wheel. Went from off the front to off the back in one lap! I think my best ever performance was in the final stage of the Martin’s 3day which James Beaumont won. He was in yellow and I managed to mark every single move, bring back every break and string everyone out on the final climb making it hard for anyone to attack him. It was a good feeling to finish a stage race with one of the team in yellow, knowing that we all played a small part, Chris and Harv played a big part in it (although credit to James for making it his on the first day with an awesome lone break).

What was your worst day on the bike : I did a VO2 max test earlier this year,which involved sitting in a lab wired up to all sorts of equipment that measures your heart rate and blood gases. You maintain a constant cadence and the power is increased until exhaustion. It is the most horrible experience Ihave ever had – as I hit 198bpm my vision tunnelled until everything went black and I literally fell off the bike. I’m tempted to do another one in 2006though!

What is your favourite race food : Before a race I like to have porridge with honey and some toast. During a race, I stick to water and SIS energy gels (find they go down very easily when you’re on the rivet). If it’s a long race I will take a banana.

Where is your favourite cycling location : Anywhere hilly – loved riding in the Pyrenees.

Most likely to say : "Let's go somewhere hilly."

Least likely to say : "Put me back on my bike."