Kingston Wheelers CC Henley 120km

As part of Rapha Women’s 100, Worldwide on Sunday 20th July 2014 twelve Wheeler lady members woke up very early on Sunday morning to meet at 7.00am in Kingston Market Square, writes Deborah Liew.

We were taking part in the Rapha Women’s 100 invitation to women worldwide to cycle 100k on this day. Ours would be a 120k ride, Kingston – Henley-on-Thames – Sonning – Hampton Court. Our ride was registered on Rapha’s webpage as Kingston Wheelers CC Henley 120. It was a humid, warm morning even at 7am, and it would soon become a hot, beautiful summer’s day. Here we are:


(That is not a garden gnome!)

We crossed Kingston Bridge and took the typical westward route which is north of the River Thames – past Hampton Court Palace, through Sunbury, Shepperton, Virginia Water, down Drift Road. At 9.45am arrived at Henley Chocolate Theatre Café on the river Thames.

(Back, L-R) Alex Kotva, Anna Kulka, Kasia Majewska, Claire Menni, Stephanie Horsfield, Jill Christer, Julia Duggan, Camilla James Hill, Emma Flattery & Holly Morris (Front, L-R) Deborah Liew, Sarah Draper

Our morning coffee/cake break was generous (1 hour!! I guess photo shoots take their time!). The road from Henley to Sonning then back to Drift Road was also new to us as a recent Wheeler women’s social group. We were lucky with the route (drawn by Debs!) which 99% was only very gently rolling, and quiet and peaceful. We commented that we should come out here more often as a club. The other 1% saw a tiny bit of busy A roads.

Debs navigated, led and paced the ride from the front, aware that this ride would be some 40% longer than our previous flatter rides, and, for time-constraints today, had been advertised at the faster end of our social women’s/ newbie pace. Very many thanks to Emma and Kasia, strong and fast riders, who joined us for the first time today, who so very kindly and, as normal in club cycling, offered to take the lead several times, who kept a continual watchful eye on everyone up and down the line, and to Steph for her generosity and attentiveness to those at the back. Kudos to Claire and Sarah for pacing themselves and never giving up.

And so we rode in a beautifully neat and tidy peloton, 2-abreast or in single file, cruising at 26-29kph (16-18mph) on flat roads, slightly more/less on descents/climbs, to average 24-25kph (15.3mph) said my Garmin.

At 1:15pm, we arrived at The Minnow in Weybridge for 2 jugs of Pimms. Here are Kasia and Debs.

henley2Sometime later (that is, another hour later!), we wobbled back to Hampton Court to complete our 120k, then homewards (for showers, and the Club BBQ ). We do not normally take such enormous breaks! But today was special!

henley3We took this route. It was lovely and quiet, even though, after all, it was only 7:30am by the time we set off! It was especially nice riding from the Drift Road onward to Henley, Sonning, then back through Chobham Common.

Click here for the Kingston Wheeler’s Women’s Calender. It provides a 6-week rolling programme of women-only and women’s mixed social rides, from around average speed 13-14mph/22kph (cruising 14-16mph on easy, flat roads) to 15-16mph/25kph (cruising 17-18-20mph) depending on the slowest rider. We cycle in the manner of road cycling club groups (skills/etiquette apply), and no one is left behind.

Facebook:  Kingston Wheelers Gals

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2014 Club Road Race Championship

Saturday 11 October 2014 – Hillingdon

As per last year there will be two races

  • 13:45 – Newcomers 4th Cat Race (Go Ride) (30 mins + 5 laps)
  • 15:00 – E/1/2/3/4 Handicap (Regional C) (60 mins + 5 laps)

This race is open to First Claim members of the Kingston Wheelers only and you need to be a paid up member to race. No BC points are on offer. Any juniors who want to race please contact Will Nicklin first.

Given the general feedback that it worked well  then overall things are kept the same. The newcomers race is open to those who have not raced before and want to give it a go. As its a Go-Race, BC Bronze membership will suffice. The main race is open to all, and will be handicapped on the day.

Entries can be made through the BC website again. I’ve made the race application to BC, but it takes a little time to get approved. It won’t be in the race calendar immediately. I’ll update when it is.

Will Nicklin

Forum topic –

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Website downtime: TONIGHT (Monday 14th)

All of will be unavailable shortly after 10pm tonight (Monday 14th July 2014) and become available again within the hour. For more information, see:

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Summer BBQ – Tickets On Sale Now

Sunday 20 July 2014 – Surbiton Racket and Fitness Club, Berrylands

Tickets are on sale for the club’s summer barbecue. The date is Sunday 20 July and it’s from 4.00 pm onwards. The venue is Surbiton Racket and Fitness Club (the tennis club) in Berrylands.

Tickets are £5 for members. Guests are especially welcome and tickets are £5 for children under-16 or £10.00 everyone else. This is subsidised and includes entry and food.

As usual it’s a big social occasion for the club, a chance to see what fellow Wheelers look like out of lycra, so please bring friends and family. Vegetarian food available if required.


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Wheel Building Course & Masterclass

Club member Richard Haigh has organised a couple of wheel building events this month – a masterclass demonstration from local wheel builder Paolo Coppo at Kingston Rowing Club and a wheel building course at the Kingston Eco-op. For more details, see:

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Momentum Charity Ride in May

On 10 May 2014, between 08:00 – 18:00, about 50 cyclists from the Kingston Wheelers are going to embark on a day of cycling on static bikes in Eden Walk, Kingston-Upon-Thames, to contribute to raise money for the charity attached to Kingston’s children’s ward, Momentum, writes Gareth Thomas.

In the 10 hours available, we hope to have accumulated a mileage of around 700 miles to contribute towards Mometums ‘cycle 10,000 miles for £50,000″. Along the way, it’d be great to pick up some fundraising for this wonderful cause.

Momentum is a charity based on the Kingston Hospital’s children’s ward. The charity assists and supports families through life threatening and limiting conditions. This involves emotional support and the use of the charities log cabins in the New Forest and Shorefield. They have helped the ward refurbish with nautical themes, and and murals painted within the cubicles, and recently a brand new play room while the families are in-patients.

To donate see the page at

PS the club gets countless charity emails and more and can’t reply to them all but if 50 members are taking part then of course it gets a shout


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Club AGM – Chairman’s Statement

Statement from the Chair of Kingston Wheelers Cycling Club from the recent AGM:

Part of the Club’s mission statement which was developed at a time when the club was undergoing a period of enforced change following the death of then President John Bornhoft says;

“We pride ourselves on our friendly atmosphere and all-inclusive policy. We have an experienced membership who are on hand to offer advice on bike set-up and training to all.”

The current committee continue to support this ethos and believe in these statements. However, over the last year or so it has become increasingly the case that some members have failed to live up to these expectations. This has culminated in the committee recently receiving formal complaints which have been dealt with in accordance with the Club’s Rules.

It cannot be acceptable for any member to make public critical or negative comments about another club member or affiliated person or organisation. If there is advice to be offered, this should be done in a constructive manner and direct with the individual.

The Club’s website forum or Twitter (or other publicly-viewable media) are not suitable for such exchanges.  Even if the forum is restricted to the club membership, that still means a potential audience of in excess of 500 people who may not appreciate the manner in which comments are intended and may perceive them differently.

Whilst you may think you are expressing a personal view, if you are recognisable as a member of the club, then some people will perceive your views to be representative of the club.  As such, either on the road or on line, you should remember your role as an ambassador for the club.

Clearly, as a democratic organisation, the Club supports freedom of speech but that should not be confused with free speech, especially where free speech is liable to cause offense or harm to others. There have been high profile cases of libel relating to tweets and comments which involve children could give rise to criminal proceedings.

Everyone who joins this sport starts as a beginner, novice or newbie and hopefully benefits from the guidance of those more experienced as they develop their experience.  Rather than pass judgement, perhaps it would be more constructive to remember this and offer a more mentoring style approach.

Equally, the Club has always had a membership from diverse backgrounds (even when there were only 30 or so of us) and this should be a positive attribute.  Please respect people’s differences and their right to flourish in the Club environment.

Tim Lawn, Chairman

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Richmond Park Cycling Awareness Day – Sat 21st June

Richmond’s Safer Transport Team are holding a Cycling Awareness Day in Richmond Park on Saturday 21st June.

For more details:

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Olympic Velodrome sessions this summer

Kingston Wheelers have been allocated two sessions of track time at the Olympic Velodrome:

  • 20:00–22:00 Thursday 24th July, 5 riders.
  • 12:15–15:15 Saturday 9th August, 5 riders.

For more information, see the forum:

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Cycling Survey

Following a recent meeting on cycling in the area, Zac Goldsmith, MP for Richmond Park & North Kingston, has created a survey to gather residents’ views on cycling. You can find the survey here:

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