Every month, we aim to introduce some of the Kingston Wheelers and Radley Biddulph is the first for 2013. He's started with a commute but has since ridden abroad, even in New Zealand but like many he'll return home for some malt loaf

Name: Radley Biddulph

Age: 38

Significant Others: Cathy (and Lucy the cat)

Why did you join Kingston Wheelers? Seen members of the club cycling in the area and they seemed to be having fun!

Date you joined the Club: July 2012

What made you start cycling? I like the camaraderie of cycling in a group and there is a real sense of achievement doing a ride and feeling good about it at the finish.

What bike do you ride? A Specialized Secteur but I also have a single-speed Langster, which I love, and for occasional runs, an old Peugeot mountain bike

Give us a brief cycling background: Enjoyed cycling when I was younger and re-started again in 2005 when I used to commute into town from Woolwich where I was living at the time. Cycling then developed into a more social thing for me with Sunday league football friends, with an annual trip to Holland or Belgium. Over the past few years, my interest has developed further - in addition to a couple of rides a week, I've done a cycling trip to Norway, an organised ride in south-west France and participated in the London Revolution and the London to Brighton Moonriders event earlier this summer.

What was your best performance or ride? Completing the second day of the London Revolution which included Box Hill (only the once mind!) and the Surrey hills on the return leg to London (never let it be said Box Hill is the only cycling challenge in the county..)

What was your worst day on the bike? Cycling to my brother's in Haddenham (between Aylesbury and Oxford) - with retrospect, I was woefully under-prepared and it made me realise the benefits of cycling with others.

said, definitely the worst moment was more recent as I was hit by a bus while cycling at Tibbett's Corner. Left me unconscious with a gashed head, broken collar bone, and a whole range of bruising. All healed nicely now but not repeated the route since!

Any favourite pro or inspiration? Was tempted to say Bradley Wiggins, but actually it's Carlos Sastre (very understated but great work ethic and comes across as an all round nice bloke).

What is your favourite cycling food? Soreen and Reece's NutRageous bar. The banana flavoured recovery drink from SIS is not bad either!

Where is your favourite cycling location? May I have three? Richmond Park for regular rides and Belgium for a once a year long weekend, but my absolute favourite is New Zealand which I've been lucky enough to visit a couple of times.

Most likely to say: "Could I justify buying another bike?"

Least likely to say: "Are we nearly there yet..?"

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