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Club Race Fee Fund

As with previous years the Kingston Wheelers is offering its members who race a partial refund of their entry fees. It’s a way to support those flying the Kingston Wheelers club colours in competitive events. Road races, cyclo cross and CTT time trials are included in the fund but not sportives or triathlons.

The total fund is £1,500 and those entering National Championships and Premier Calendar races get 100% of these fees repaid and the rest is a proportion of however much is left after the distribution. If you want the maths then you divide the pot of money by the total value of entry fees claimed by everyone and multiply the result by your claim. For example if you submit a claim for £50 and everyone’s claims come to £3000 then £1,500 / £3,000 = 0.5 so you will get your claim of £50 x 0.5 = £25 back.

The funds are only available if you have helped the club during the year, for example marshalling in a race or other supportive duties. Be sure to mention how you’ve helped the club this year.

As usual we will want to see proof that you started and finished the race, it normally won’t count if you were DNF on the day. If under £10 is owed then it will be not be paid to reduce the administrative burden. Also it is for full first claim members members of Kingston Wheelers club with valid membership for 2016-2017.

To make your claim download the template spreadsheet (.xlsx) and send your completed form to club treasurer Will Meers or the club’s inbox by 31 March 2017. Please remember to put your bank details on the spreadsheet.